Thursday, February 28, 2008

SPOC (no not the one in Startrek)

I saw a really nice baby carrier (Ergo) in a children's shop the other day. I have never found a sling to be very comfortable and neither have my babies. But this one felt pretty good and offered the ability to wear the baby on the front, on the back, or on the hip which I thought was great. The bad part was that it was almost $100. YIKES. I don't think so. (Actually I did try to reason that it could be a good choice if I wore it every day. But logic rang through).

I even had a woman from freecycle offer her Bjorn to me but we are all sick and she lives about 20 minutes away. In the midst of this I also began to research different options that would be less expensive than an Ergo and found someone talking about a SPOC [Simple Piece Of Cloth].

BINGO! 5-6yards of material in 20"width wrapped in a variety of ways depending on how you want to 'wear' you baby. So a few days ago when I was at Walmart, Amanda and I picked out a slightly stretchy comfy piece of fabric for $1 a yard! wohoo... now that I can work with! 60" in width could be cut into three 20" strips. The cost was now only a few dollars for three wraps. We also found some really cute Winnie the Pooh Bear material and I plan to sew a square of that on that will be the part that wraps behind the Liam's back. Just to make it look a little bit cuter and babyish but I haven't bothered with that yet. It is SO COMFORTABLE and was perfect timing since Liam came down with the sickness and has wanted to be held way more than usual.

I looked at a video from to see how to wrap it and I found another site that had a dozen different ways to wrap a baby but can't seem to find that now...I'll have to keep searching.

2 comments:, Inc said...

I suspect the site you're looking for is - that is where I learned it all! (And submitted a few videos too!) You look great! Keep on wrapping!

Leah said...

just found your site from moneysavingmom...
actually, you might be looking for they have links to every place on the web that offers instructionals for carriers of all kinds.

I've been making the SPOC wraps and selling them to friends! just hemming all the edges of nice gauzy fabrics with embroidered designs and such...I wear them to the store and to church, and people ALWAYS comment on them, so I keep an extra one in the car to sell "on the go."

Just an FYI, I'm really enjoying reading your blog. I'm a new mom, my baby is 4 mo old, but I'm also the oldest of 11 kids and I identify with your home life on so many levels. My mom has tried blogging before, but can't seem to keep up with it. I'm 26 and my youngest sibling is almost 4.

so thanks for blogging!