Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trip to the ER

Quin swallowed a button battery today. You know one of those round ones about the size of a nickel. The internet said that if it was lodged in the esophagus it could start burning within two hours. So we headed to the ER. Sure enough there was a cute round white battery sitting in his tummy.

60% chance it will just pass through in 2 weeks they told me. If not then they will have to do something different. I didn't even bother asking for more details.

BUT Quin really had some interesting things to say on the way to the ER. He really thought he might die from this. I realized this as he started talking and I have to say that I just let him talk for a few minutes just to see if God was dealing with some issues in his heart.

He started by saying "mom, if I die would you please finish my scrapbook and put it in the thing with me" After I realized how serious he thought it was I also realized just how much their scrapbooks mean to them.

Then he started to almost cry and said..."mom I know that I asked Jesus to be my Savior ... BUT I have never done anything for HIM!" It was just so precious. So I took the opportunity to tell him that of course God doesn't base our salvation on what we do for Him so we can be at peace about that. But sometimes God has us go through emergencies or difficult circumstances because it helps us focus on the important things and helps us learn how to love God more.

Quin had been struggling with some things (kindness, humility, gentleness, compassion, submission, respect... hmm same things I deal with daily too) and I thought it might be good for him to think about what is really important in this life.

I didn't let his fear drag on too much and I explained that we were taking him to the hospital so that they would be able to help him. Even after I assured him they were going to help him he said "well I really would like to die in my sleep mom. I don't want to be in pain" Poor kid.

He got to the ER and was sharing interesting things there as well.

The dr asks me "is he homeschooled?"

Now I would like to think it was because my son sounded so intelligent as he answered questions but the reality was it was the middle of the day and he knowing he should have been in school when it happened he deducted that no real teacher would have a battery sitting around for a kid to swallow or certainly wouldn't let him play with it in his mouth! :P

They were all quite kind, polite, and friendly. And because of the nature of the accident we got to go through quickly. Here is a picture of little Liam in his carseat on the way home. He is all snuggled in a little "Cuddle me" that someone recently gave to me. AWWW.. too cute! And yes he has just discovered his thumb!

update to the battery story. It took 3weeks but the little round battery passed through Quin's system just fine. A little rusted but in tact. I suggested to Amanda she stick it back in the remote control that it came out of "EWWW GROSS mom... no way!"


Const-T said...

Aww that baby is soo cute.
Loving ur blog... it's so realistic for us :D
We haven't quite had someone swallow a battery, but Jeremy did manage to get a couple of screws down one night (he was quite old actually!)

The Mom said...

HI Cindy, just found your blog thru a comment Caleb left on Constance's.

Hope you have gotten rid of that battery by now - we resorted to castor oil.

Jessica Morris said...

I have to say the picture of the x-ray made me giggle. It reminded me of one of the Curious George books where he swallowed a puzzle piece :)

Hope the battery passes on it's own uneventfully!