Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh my aching BACK!

Actually it doesn't hurt too badly. I had surgery Monday morning to remove 2 harmless but irritating tumors. They either itched or ached most every day so I was happy to get them removed. At this point I have 14 scary looking staples in my back which is causing everyone to grimace when they take a peek at them. EWWW! I feel much better as each day passes. It is much easier to pick up Liam etc.

Amanda waterproofed my bandages with plastic wrap and medical tape, so I was able to shower. ahhhh I just love hot water! We have it so easy with modern conveniences like hot water tanks! So I am feeling much better now that I am clean again.

I go on Friday to have the incisions looked at and am expecting they will probably take the staples out then. Amanda is helping me build confidence and courage about having them taken out. She says, "Yes it hurts!!! I told you they hurt when they were taking them out of my stomach after my appendectomy and you just told me I was fine and make sure I try to save a staple for my scrapbook". Could that possibly be true?!? I think she is having fun at my poor memories expense. (although I did probably tell her to save the staple for her scrapbook) :)

She also said the two spots look remarkably different. The one on my back looks symmetrical: the skin meeting perfectly together with staples evenly spaced. The one on my neck is bothering everyone as it looks more like one side was pulled over the other and more haphazardly stapled together. Must be because of where they are located. Anyways, I certainly don't sport my back around for others to see so I don't think it matters too much.

Again.. no pictures.. not that my staples would be appropriate anyways but I am realizing I just need to be content about the camera. If I can sell some items sitting around then maybe I will revisit the idea of purchasing a Nikon D40, or maybe I will find a screaming deal on ebay! It could happen!

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Melissa Lester said...

I hope you are still doing well after your surgery and that your family is pampering you during your recovery! You have a lovely family.

Thank you for visiting my blog! You asked what kind of camera I use. We got a Sony 300 in the spring, and I love it. It is user friendly, and the price was good compared to other similar cameras. Several of my friends have the Nikon D40 or the Canon Rebel, and we all love our SLRs!