Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So today is my first FIRST day of driving school bus. I didn't expect to actually be driving a run as I am just a permanent sub and there are about 8 of us on this list. So the chances of me actually having to drive would be pretty slim.. right? WRONG!

It would take way too long to write down all the details but this afternoon I had a busload of elementary students (quite a few 5 and 6yos).

I ask one little boy "where do you live?"

Little boy "the white house"

me: "you don't know the road or number"

answer: "nope but it is the white house.. can you take me there?"

my thoughts "wow... I'm taking this kid on a 5 hour trip to DC"

He made it home.
Here is another one. All the kids are off the bus except for the last day care facility drop off.

me: "is there anyone else on this bus that does not go to the YMCA for daycare?"

little boy raises his hand and tells me where he lives (which is NOT on my run).

me: "what bus were you supposed to get on"

little boy: 373

me "what number is this bus here?"

Little boy: "374"

me: "ummmm then why did get on this bus"

Little boy: 'it was close"

ok last one. This time it is a highschool student. this isn't the exact conversation but you get the gist.

girl: "I couldn't find my bus, so I got on this one...are you going near where I live"

me: "what bus were you told to get one"

Girl: 373

I'm wondering what are the chances that another student (this is my second run) has missed the same bus number! We have like 60 buses or more.

me: "so why did you get on this bus?"

Girl: "it was close"

should I be concerned this 9th grade girl had the same answer as the 5yo? In her defense, the bus wasn't there. For some reason she never got the number of the first bus to get on that would transfer her onto 373 later.

I was about 1/2 hour late getting back- hot, sweaty, and now happy to be home with the family again.

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