Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

WOW! I woke up this morning to hear that Sarah Palin, Republican governor from Alaska, is the VP pick. I haven't been this excited about a VP pick... ever. She is socially and economically conservative. She is strongly pro-life/pro-family and has 5 CHILDREN of her own, the littlest is a down syndrome child.

She is a 'maverick' but only in that she is a Washington outsider, young, and somewhat inexperienced. I was afraid McCain's maverick pick was going to be a moderate/liberal republican.

My only hesitation so far- women in government leadership/authority. I think we will be having some good conversations at dinner about what the Bible has to say about that. I can't imagine how a woman would balance mother to 5 (including a down syndrome infant) and VP or possibly President down the road. But I don't think main stream America will have any problems with this. They will get the conservative vote and now will also pull the women and younger generation's vote as well.

This pick has sealed the election (in my very unimportant opinion). Hands Down.

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The Mom said...

Hi Cindy, I don't know what I think about VP Palin. Better than most choices, but is it a good place for a woman?