Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Organizing from the Inside Out

I found this book, Organizing from the Inside Out, at a library used book sale, picked it up, and tucked it away. (I have an older edition than the one pictured at amazon here).

I like to collect organization ideas.

I like to plan and make schedules.

I like to think I am going to whip my house into shape.

Now to reality. I am just so bad at making it work. But I did find some helpful tidbits in this book. The author, Julie Morgenstern, talks about analyzing what does and doesn't work, figuring out why not, and then putting a system in place that you can follow through with. She even has an estimate of time it will take to get through each room.

Today I am attacking our paperwork. I tend to pile papers that I need to deal with. She has a great filing system. What a relief to know that there is a plan in place so we don't need to waste time searching for missing paperwork.

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