Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm going to college!

Not really truly. At least not in the way my title implies. 17S and almost 16s have not purchased their English composition book for their college class. The class is Monday night and they have reading to do. The problem is that their schedules (and my own) have been a little busy and the book store local to us hasn't been open when they were available to go. They stopped by at 1:00pm and it was closed again.

So are some questions: When is it appropriate to jump in and help out (I am going to drive the 1/2 hour to the main campus and purchase the book because they went to a farewell party for their cousin that is heading off to college). When is it more beneficial to let your children work it out for themselves?

Would it teach more RESPONSIBILITY if I just stayed out of it? Or do I go ahead and make the trip knowing that a good part of the reason they were unable to get it was 16s' job, 17s' volunteer work, and my own schedule?

Answer this time...the younger kids and I are all heading to college! If I had previously been telling them "you better figure out when they are open and get those books" instead of saying all this week "there is still plenty of time to get them before the weekend" I would probably be choosing a different option.

addition to post: never mind- the bookstore is closed early on Fridays but our local campus will be open Sat from 8am-9am only. One more chance!

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