Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bed Head

My girls always seem to have hair that is wild and unmanageable until they get older. Do all kids wake up this way or is it just mine? It is impossible to have it look nice at this point (even if I use detangler spray). My only option is for her to hop in the shower and use shampoo and conditioner. And then on top of this I have to blow dry it too. I can't just brush or comb it out after her bath. In addition to that, if I want it look good for more than an hour or so I will give her a few spritz of spray.

She has been called "Wild Child" on occasion. Wish I could say it was just because of her hair... but I am afraid that if she doesn't have constant supervision she can get into trouble VERY quickly. Here she is looking much better now that she has been blow dried and curled. Fortunately I got a great deal at Salvation Army on a blow dryer with 3 temp and speed settings and also a curling iron that has heat settings on a dial from 1 to 25 so I can curl her hair on a very low temperature. Seems extreme but I am tired of having a little girl that looks like a street urchin.

As I was blow drying her hair for this picture I realized that the wild child struck again and it looks like she cut a little bit of her bangs on top. UGH! Fortunately it isn't too noticeable.

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