Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pigs in a Blanket... NOPE how bout the front porch

What a night we had last night. I've already posted about the stomach bug, tooth problems, and ear aches. This seems to result in restless kids roaming the house looking for the perfect place to lay down that will take away all sickness. Amanda was up helping me and opened the door about 1am to find our 2 pigs, Wilbur and Charlotte, at the front door. UGH!!! Josiah was quickly rounding them up but couldn't get them into the pen until his big brother Mitchell came to the rescue. They need to go to the butcher soon. Remind me if I ever feel tempted to bring home cute little piggies to remember how much money it costs to feed them as well as the extra challenges they bring. SIGH. It has been good though to see Si faithfully taking care of them, so I guess that was worth it.

So the pigs made it back in the pen but I couldn't take the puppy noise and so sent them out to the mudroom to sleep through what was left of the night. Ahhh... much better, but we were soon awake again at 4am with our wood boiler hissing and spitting. The pressure was too high. David made it out of bed to help Caleb (15yos) get it settled but David can't even move without being sick so he was heaving all the way to the basement and back again. Poor guy.

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