Saturday, January 12, 2008

My first post! and no time to do it

Thought I would do a blog on the realities of living life in a large family. We have 10 children and life can be a little bit crazy at times.. but a good kind of crazy. Wish I had time to do a proper posting... but reality is that today our second son Josh has a basketball game and we need to leave in a half hour. Ever try to get out the door in a half hour after mom has been mulling around too long on the computer. It isn't pretty, let me tell you. I expect to go downstairs and find that no one has done their chores, clothes are here and there and everywhere in an attempt to find an outfit in the pile of Mt Neverest (AKA the laundry pile), and of course the ultimate challenge will be to find 2 matching shoes for our 3 year old. Why is it I can only find 5 LEFT footed shoes and no matches??!!?? Quick, check by the trampoline!

Not a great way to start the blog... I envisioned talking about the joys of a large family and the many blessing that ensue. I could post about what 5 course meal we are having for dinner, my latest decorating idea, a picture of my latest scrapbooking page, etc. BANG! back to real life in our home. The atmosphere is a little bit frenetic right now. (I learned that big word in the kids writing curriculum and it fits our family so well sometimes. Look it up).

I can tell you the upcoming posts will be filled with grammatic errors and odd sentences as I try to type and run the household at the same time. But I will do my best to just be 'real'. I will have to learn how to add pictures and I wonder if I can do short video clips from my cell phone. Now that would truly be eye opening.

This is more for me to keep a running account of how we spend our days.... a kind of digital scrapbook of sorts. So even if I have no one that stops by for a view our family will enjoy looking at it in years to come.


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Const-T said...

Ahhhh, I like your blog, it's very realistic!
I think the 5 left footed shoes sounds just like here :D
Henrietta's eldest daughter