Friday, January 18, 2008

Fabulous Frugal Finds

I must confess that I LOVE to find a bargain and am sure that lures me in to purchasing items that I should probably pass on sometimes.

Read what Meredith has to say at Like Merchant Ships (my favorite blog). Just "because there is great stuff out there, cheap, doesn't mean I have to have it."

Well I was thinking about what Meridith said when I came across this basket.

It was only a buck at the Salvation Army. I almost left it when I came to my senses.

One of my goals this year is to try to 'beautify' my home at very little cost. I decided this basket was a sensible purchase. It is unique and also fits my fruit themed kitchen (the fabric backdrop behind the basket is the curtains on my bottom kitchen cabinets). The basket is now displayed above my kitchen sink but I didn't take a picture there as the window behind it needs a good cleaning. :)

Goals for today: wash windows of course and organize the downstairs bathroom (which serves as a clothes closet/changing area for all the kids). And it would be really great if I could get through my ironing pile as well.

[will post sneak peek before and after pics again of those projects later today Lord willing]

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